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Vincent turpin, mpt

Vince grew up in a military family living in the Prairies, Vancouver Island and Prince Edward County.  Helping others has always been an integral part of the Turpin-family mindset; his mother was a special needs educator with autistic children and his father was a search and rescue pilot.  Vince has always sought to give back to the community at large.


He completed his BSc. in Kinesiology in 2011, unsure of what avenue to pursue next.  The next year was spent working with Division IV soccer in France and knew that the realm of sports & rehabilitation were his calling.  Graduated from the Physiotherapy Department from the University of Ottawa in 2015, he continued to travel extensively while working with Baseball Canada, New Zealand Rugby, the Arctic Winter Games and locuming in BC, Yukon and Ontario.  He comes recently off of a 1 year stint touring with Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo in North America and Europe.

Professionally, Vince is a firm believer in movement and exercise based approaches.  He has completed his Level I Manual Therapy, Level C Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy – with the intent of credentialling within the next year.  He is also seeking his Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy, certified FMS Movement Screen and has accumulated more than 1400 hours in sport-specific physiotherapy.


When away from the clinic or sports field working as a physiotherapist, you will most likely find Vince in nature: hiking, biking, running, skiing, surfing, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, you name it.  Je suis aussi parfaitement bilingue en français, donc n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec moi dans la langue de votre choix.

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