Rita dabrowski RMT

"When people ask what drew me to Massage Therapy, I tell them…my Mother!

It’s not that she directed me down this path with intent. It was instead a powerful early childhood memory that cemented my decision. Growing up in Vancouver, a city known for its damp climate, I developed and lived with extreme knee pain. After the home remedies failed and medical tests returned negative, I would often lay awake crying. My Mother’s massage became my only cure.

Like magic...the pain disappeared. It was that childhood memory that rooted itself in my subconscious which ultimately led me to the healing arts and massage therapy.

Now nothing gives me greater pleasure than to assist people in their quest to find that quiet place within themselves – where the mind, body and spirit connect and where all healing takes place. It is immensely rewarding."

In addition to being an RMT for 20 years, Rita is also a  Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner (CMRP), taught NIA (neuromuscular integrative action), facilitated the Chronic Pain Self-Management Program from Stanford University, and taught seniors fitness programs.